Creating a Great Activity Every Time!

By The Zingity Team

Published March 7, 2016

Step 1

All great activities start with an eye-catching title.  Think about the activities you are more likely to click on, look around and see how they describe their content in the title.  You want to make sure your title not only describes your activity, but makes it interesting for the reader.  

For example: How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies vs Gooey, Salted Caramel, Easy to Make Chocolate Cookies.  Chances are there are other activities in Zingity with the first title (How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies), so be creative and title your activity different from all others right off the bat.



Step 2

Next, you’ll need a cover photo that matches that amazing title.  You know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well find the perfect photo that will do the same for you. A good quality image will need to be at least 800x600.  

This is really important …  the image has to be yours and can’t be repurposed from somewhere else on the internet.  

When taking or choosing your photos, try to keep them distraction free (nothing in the background), bright, and focused on the activity.



Step 3

So now that you have a unique title and awesome photos, it’s time to provide step-by-step instructions what will really help anyone reproduce your activity.  

Make sure to describe your activity in detail, make it fun to read and full of the information needed to complete the activity the same way you did.  



Step 4

While we don’t require a list of supplies needed, for many activities having a list of supplies needed would be a great starting point.

Also, provide advice on how the activity could be tweaked to make it unique for them.  Readers love knowing why you made the activity too, so adding a backstory can really make your content stand out as well!



Step 5

The pictures you use for each step should be just as good as your cover photo and should follow the same guidelines.  If you are using video clips for your steps keep it brief with footage that will last for only 30-60 seconds.



Step 6

Don’t forget that Zingity is all about character, share your recommendations with the reader on how you think your activity helps promote different traits. This is why people are browsing these activities in the first place, so be sure to touch on it at least a couple times when writing.

To help you pick which character trait is right for your activity, descriptions will be shown when you are in the builder.



Step 7

Finally, make sure to double check your spelling and grammar. Mistakes can happen and while your submission doesn’t have to be perfect, but you’ll want to make sure your work is easy to understand and follow.  Make sure your browser spellcheck is on, it will save you a lot of work!

If you have time before posting; read it again and ask yourself, if I didn’t already know how to do this, would I be able to following the activity guide successfully?  When your answer is yes, you’re ready to post and share your creation with the world.